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The BestScalper MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The Best Scalper automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a live account by the Forex Peace Army. The BestScalper.com forex robot works only on EURUSD&GBPUSD pairs.

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Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

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Easy to use with VPS

The EA is not working in my account. When I ask them, they said it was because of MY broker's spread. Before I buy the EA, I did asked whether this EA works with Excelmarkets and they said yes. But things are not like they said.

I asked for refund since 23 May and they did not refund yet.


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Best scalper forex robot review

Whereas a scalper in a highly liquid market (for example, a market maintaining a one-penny spread) may take 10,000 shares to make a 3 cent gain ($300), a scalper in an.

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Algorithmic trading is a method of executing a large order (too large to fill all at once) using automated pre-programmed trading instructions accounting for variables.

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A forex signal is a suggestion for entering a trade on a currency pair, usually at a specific price and time. The signal is generated either by a human analyst or an.

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The foreign exchange market is the most liquid financial market in the world. Traders include governments and central banks, commercial banks, other institutional.

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Robot Execution Failures Dataset 5 data sets that center around robotic failure to execute common tasks. Integer valued features such as torque and other sensor.

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In the U.S., every binary option settles at $100 or $0, $100 if the bet is correct, 0 if it is not. In the online binary options industry, where the contracts are sold by.

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Forex swap explains this. SteveBaker 02:45, 18 March 2010 (UTC) Inserting a brain chip nasally. I'm writing a science fiction story, and I was trying to come up with a.

Best Scalper Forex Robot Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Best Scalper Forex Robot. Now, I am not calling this the best scalping forex robot that just happens to be the name the developer chose! This shows that they are very confident in their software which is great. However, the best forex scalping robot I have ever reviewed would have to be the forex scalping ea. In saying that, this is a decent forex robot in its own right with a real account running since 2014 showing gains of over 1,000%. It is suitable for any level of trader with detailed instructions included to help you get setup in just 5 minutes. After that it is completely hands free as you leave the robot to conduct all trading activity on your behalf. As you will find out from reading on the most important aspect from getting fantastic results with the Best Scalper Forex Robot will be the broker that you choose to use.

Best Scalper Forex Robot Strategy

The Best Scalper Forex Robot trades the EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs. Being 2 of the major currency crosses this is very favourable as it gives low trading costs due to the low spreads and also fast execution due to the high liquidity of these currency pairs. As I always say just make sure that you are using a regulated true ECN forex broker for the very best possible trading conditions, especially when using a scalper where a few pips can make a big difference! Most of the time, the reason a scalping forex robot does not work is not because it has a bad strategy it is because the user does not research and implement it into a suitable ECN broker. With the average win being just over 3 pips this again emphasises the importance using a reliable broker. The win rate is very impressive at around 80% showing that the Best Scalper uses a very consistent strategy.

Best Scalper Forex Robot Back Testing

There are no back tests on the Best Scalper website but we have long term live results to refer to in any case.

Best Scalper Forex Robot Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Best Scalper Forex Robot Summary

Overall, the Best Scalper Forex Robot has potential to make a lot of profit consistently on your trading account provided you use a suitable broker. There are real live MyFxBook verified results that show in over 2 years it made gains of over 1,000% which shows great consistency through a variety of differing market conditions. It also comes with detailed instructions, full support, free updates and a money back guarantee which effectively will allow you to try out the Best Scalper Forex Robot risk free.

Forex Robot Scalper

Intelligent forex robot (forex trading robot, forex ea, forex scalper) for Metatrader based on Neural Networks.
300% profit per-month.
Maximum drawdown 10%.
90% winning trades.
100% automated trading.
Makes trading on any currency pair timeframes 5 min and 15 min (shows best performance on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD)
Shows a large number of trades per day, with minimum loss-making.
Self-learning and self-updating forex robot adjusts itself to current market conditions.
Built-in automatic risk-calculating algorithm.
Works on short and medium-term trends.
One license is valid for multiply actual accounts.
Developed by a team of professional traders and software developers.

Forex Robot Scalper Real Account Report

Download version. Aftrer payment is made you will get download link. Free technical support via Email, Skype and Teamviewer.

MyScalper.com Review Visit site

The MyScalper MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The My Scalper automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a live account by the Forex Peace Army.

Performance tests

Live discussion

Join live discussion of MyScalper.com on our forum


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Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

Your feedback matters!

He was Very rude while I asked Information about scalper EA. He said he doesn't want to explain details. Also he doesn't show any performance report by Screenshare & not sent any statement. He used Very bad language to me while inquiry. He said he don't want to sell EA to people who ask question. Beware & don't buy EA from him. Look Suspicious.

[04:30:56 PM | Edited 04:30:56 PM] Exchange: Hello
[04:31:21 PM] *** my scalper has shared contact details with Exchange. ***
[04:31:25 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): welcome
[04:31:42 PM] Exchange: I want to know about your EA.
[04:31:53 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): is scalper
[04:32:07 PM] Exchange: how it works?
[04:32:21 PM] Exchange: what strategy it uses?
[04:32:43 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): Check website, i don't have time.
[04:32:51 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): its using personal strategy
[04:33:02 PM] Exchange: only using one pair?
[04:33:12 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): yes
[04:33:15 PM] Exchange: can you show some of performance
[04:33:21 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): see in website, I don't share
[04:33:32 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): you is EA buyer? or profesional investor?
[04:33:44 PM] Exchange: Yea, I am both
[04:34:51 PM] Exchange: there is no any statements to view its working strategy. Can you explain how it works?
[04:34:59 PM] Exchange: I want to see trade history
[04:35:20 PM] Exchange: provide me investor password of any real account for review of its work
[04:36:17 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): see i FPA
[04:36:21 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): and no
[04:36:26 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): we no send investors or anything
[04:36:55 PM] Exchange: atleast say what strategy it use? how to review its work?
[04:36:59 PM] Exchange: Please explain
[04:37:04 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): buddy
[04:37:12 PM] Exchange: how to buy your EA if you don't explain anything
[04:37:12 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): follow our website only
[04:37:17 PM] Exchange: I followed it already
[04:37:21 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): this is not academy forex. We can't explain anything
[04:37:25 PM] Exchange: there is not a detailed info on website.
[04:37:30 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): buy, send , install. easy
[04:37:53 PM] Exchange: what is price?
[04:37:59 PM] Exchange: what is payment method?
[04:38:09 PM] Exchange: what brokers to be used?
[04:38:19 PM] Exchange: what strategy it uses?
[04:38:25 PM] Exchange: what type of account it need?
[04:38:33 PM | Edited 04:38:33 PM] Exchange: where are these answer>?
[04:38:56 PM] Exchange: Will it required 2 MT4 to run the EA or It get feed from some other software?
[04:38:57 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): stop ask stupids ok
[04:39:05 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): Price check in website
[04:39:34 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): sorry, my keyboard is in japanesse
[04:39:59 PM] Exchange: what strategy it uses? what type of account it need? where is answer of this question?
[04:40:34 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): good account in good broker if strategy is scalper need good conditions
[04:40:46 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): logic
[04:40:52 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): sorry i cant lose more time. bye
[04:40:58 PM | Edited 04:41:11 PM] Exchange: so it get feeds from fast brokers like arbitrage?
[04:41:15 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): ARB no work in real markets
[04:41:21 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): all people know this
[04:41:39 PM] Exchange: ohh good attitude before selling EA, how about support after sales? you are supportive person. How will anyone trust you?
[04:41:48 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): stop to ask stupids
[04:42:00 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): we no need sell EA
[04:42:05 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): see my performance
[04:42:08 PM] my scalper EA (http://myscalper.com/): bye

Of course this is a scam system.

Take a look at the statement. Trades last minutes. Some last longer. There is no chance of this working, especially from a trade copier.

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