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The development of technology as a result is now everyone will have access to foreign currency exchange trading software robots. In the past Forex Traders watch day and night, exchange rates, forex and general economic news and then open and close their forex positions. Now these days there are best forex robots who does this job without traders involmenet. Forex robots open and close forex positions automatically, without emotion, a fraction of a second to decide, whether it is worth is to buy or sell. A robot with a good 5-20% monthly returns and even more are available, that is, money invested in one year can be easily doubled. Selecting a best forex robots always remain difficult.

Not all the winning robot, however, and the winning robots are not all alike. May differ in the degree of risk, the gain-loss ratio and much more. Most only work on some currency pairs and each pair is not the same efficiency. Some are sold with pay-off, and you have a monthly fee.

We have done the hard work for you and given below transparent results for you to decide best performing forex robots. Each forex robot has a seperate page detailing its description and you can click links below and see their real time peroformance. It is always to have basket of top performing forex robots in your porfolio so you could have consistent yield for your investment.

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