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Best Forex Broker

Since its way currency trader, newcomers often seek the best forex broker. Is it real? Or ideal broker (dealing center) does not exist? And if you really, by what criteria it is possible to estimate - by the quality of trade, trading conditions, the number of additional services?

Today we are going to talk about how to choose the best forex broker. Proceed.

Honesty and openness broker

The first criterion for evaluating broker (AB) Forex - marketed, reviewed in the network, the transparency of its operations and the number of customers. Of course, any of the items listed is relative, but generally allows to create a full picture of B.

Take for example the well-known forex broker - Alpari. On the market since 2007, ie veteran. Has a lot of positive feedback on forums and blogs. The company's activity is regulated by the relevant authorities (FFMS, etc.), the company has the necessary licenses to provide brokerage services. The company has offices not only in Russia but also in other countries. The number of clients in the millions.

Best Forex Broker - services company

A good broker will always offer the customer not only the trade in Forex, but also other, less popular services. This can be PAMM investing, copying trades or strategies (Share4you, MirrorTrader), investing in PAMM indexes and more.

Alpari provides the same trader investing in PAMM accounts opens precious metals (gold), copying trades, rather, strategies of other traders in the automatic mode (MirrorTrader).

Features of Forex4you - Cent accounts, including no swap, the possibility of opening the account's control as a trader with a deposit of $100, accounts NDD (cent and dollar), etc.

Broker InstaForex boasts the best bonus programs (accrual of bonuses on the first deposit and the completion of the next), a broad integration of different lotions in the service (output map Insta) and prizes in various competitions, the PAMM-system and copying transactions InstaCopy.

In more detail with a full detailed list of services and the terms of trade of these reliable forex brokers you can see by reading the article "Alpari Broker - Reviews", "Broker Forex4you - Feedback" and "Broker InstaForex - reviewed" or on the official website of each company: Alpari, Forex4you and InstaForex.

As you can see, the choice is really big. Each of the above brokers a lot of interesting services that effectively multiply the capital, trading in person by advisers, copying transaction or investing in professional traders. What is a Forex broker to choose?

Best Forex Broker - our tips

If you are a novice trader, the broker choice is obvious - Forex4you. Cent accounts allow you to test any successful strategy for real money. In case of loss of deposit it will be a small amount, painless for you. Do not forget no swap accounts, if you hold a position a couple of days or longer.

Also one of the advantages of Forex4you is the possibility of opening the account's own with minimal capital. You can also start with cent accounts. If you are trading profitably for some time, why do not you increase your turnover and your profit, using possibilities PAMM investing? Many successful traders do so. Open a PAMM-account trading on it, as usual, and after a while you show investors. Working with the best expert advisor forex robot on this broker.

This forex broker is well suited for experienced traders as well as lovers of automated trading. The broker also offers a deposit bonus at the completion of 5 to 50%, which, however, need to play up to 3 months. We suggest you choose 5%. If you do a big volume every day, and more (10%).

InstaForex its unique system of bonuses. Skill has no time limit, ie it can act out any number - 3 months or a year. On one account can not be credited with more than two bonuses. Bonus on first deposit, the deposit is 30%, which is quite a lot.

In addition, in a well-developed system inst PAMM accounts and pleasant trading conditions. There is a system of free training webinars for traders with different levels of training.

Alpari is today probably the largest selection of Governors PAMM-accounts, as well as a unique service copy profitable strategies MirrorTrader. Advanced complex analytics on currency pairs and precious metals, economic calendar, online learning - all this gives the broker Alpari.

Which of the listed brokers considered the best Forex broker - a private matter. We just brought the facts and expressed his own opinion. Thank you for your attention!

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