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Automatic Forex.

No matter you are a beginner or an experienced trader - certainly in your mind the question arose: "And can there be automatic Forex"? Is it possible to simplify the currency trading without spending a lot of time in front of the monitor, waiting for the best time to open a trade? Not to worry, the deal will close in the plus or minus. Not to tired eyes and back ached from sitting too long in a chair. To someone or something, or do all the work for at least some of us. Really? More like! But for automatic forex need not only capital, but also knowledge, as well as your right actions. Getting Started!

Types of automatic Forex

We assume that the automatic Forex - is trading with our minimum participation or even without us. Would also like to have a high expectation of profit. Consider that we can now offer internet.
1. Investing in the PAMM-account.
2. copying trades of other traders.
3. mechanical trading systems.
4. investing in other funds or traders.
Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Our task - to not put all your eggs (money) in one basket, minimizing the risk of losing them.

Investing in the PAMM

Investor invests his money in one or more of PAMM-accounts run by experienced traders. Non-trading risks are eliminated in full. Lose all the money can only be in the case of aggressive trading. If properly allocate funds, loss of the funds will be reimbursed for other lucrative trade PAMM accounts.

Today the most popular PAMM brokers Alpari, InstaForex and Forex4you.

Copying trades of other traders

The most famous services of other traders autocopying transactions on your account - it Share4you from a broker and Forex4you InstaCopy from InstaForex.

The bottom line is that the transactions of other traders are copied to your account or other 1:1 aspect ratio, depending on the size of your deposit. You pay a certain amount per transaction up, hoping that the profit from the transaction will cover costs.

When choosing a trader pay attention to the stability of its trade and the existence of the account. You can copy trades from the account, showing 50-100% profit in 2 weeks, risking quickly drain it, and you can make a stable 10-15% per month on a decent capital. The choice is yours.

Mechanical trading system (MTS)

Trading advisors have been and remain "holy grail" of automatic Forex. Perhaps the most common way to automate trading. The problem is one of the present-profitable Expert Advisor worth $ 100-500. So he must sell even $1,000. Costs for a dedicated server (VPS), albeit small, but also must be considered.

Ideally you should use 2-3 advisor and more to compensate for the possible loss of one, the other trade. Average profitability advisers varies from 5 to 30% per month. The question of risk - the higher the income, the higher the risk of losing money.

Many advisers today continue in one form or another use the Martingale. Good or bad, hard to say. One thing is clear - when used correctly (calculation), it can be profitable.
On my site, many best ea forex robot.

Investing in funds or other traders

Unlike PAMM investing, non-trading risks were and remain the number one problem in this type of investment. To reduce the risk, consider the following factors:

1. life of the fund (trading Trader) - the longer the better.
2. evidence of successful trading - or at least monitoring Steytment.
3. reviews on forums and blogs, backed by screenshots. It is advisable not from the people who put the last $100, and from serious investors who invest from $500 and up.
But even that is not 100% guarantee that the fund or private trader will pay benefits in the future. Therefore, in this type of investment is reasonable to use only part of its capital.

We brought 4 Easy Ways automatic Forex. Choose any or all use (best option). We wish you a maximum automation of your trading!

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