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A glass of prices on Forex

A glass of prices on Forex exchange is the dream of many traders. After all, the actual amounts of currency move the market, the Euro began to buy more - EUR/USD moves up, the Euro aggressively sell - pair sharply down. Really only he could quickly increase market volumes, moving the market in its favour. The market maker has a special functionality, showing the demand and supply at the moment. The ordinary trader has no opportunity to see the glass prices, only the graph with the price.

But all of the above applies only to terminal MT4. In the new MT5 is different. The fact that MT5 yet has not found wide application of all brokers, is not as important as in the near future, the novelty will take its place next to the “veteran” MT4.

Glass prices for MT5

Under Dom is players (applications for purchase and sale) currency pairs or other assets at the best price currently. Assistants in the work with a glass of accurate forex indicator.

Recall that in MetaTrader 5 trading many other tools, except currency pairs. In the terminal are available as characters, which are traded in the mode of market execution, and not exchange. The first are displayed in the external trading system, i.e. exchange them in a glass depicts real volumes and prices. for the second glass is scalpings tool when a trader, one click can set a market or a pending order.

To open a list of applications, select menu option market Overview → Glass prices. It is worth saying that the number of applications that appear determined by the character specified by the broker.

Operations with Dom

In SC, you can perform 2 types of transactions: market transactions and trades. In the first case we buy or sell any financial instrument at the current market price. In the second - set different types of applications (i.e. pending orders)to purchase/sell the asset at a given price, which is not present in the market now.

In the window SP we can see a list of applications and trading team. Application of red color shows salespeople (are higher), blue - buyers. You can also see a column 3: volume, price and trade. In the last column of the display: 1. the current proposal 2. stop levels (StopLoss, TakeProfit) traders.
For example, BLIM 5 - order BuyLimit, volume 5 lots.
SLIM 10 - order SellLimit, the volume of 10 lots.
BSTOP 3 - order BuyStop, volume 3 lots.
SSTOP 5 - order SellStop, volume 5 lots.
SL 3 - level StopLoss position has a volume of 3 lots.
TP 5 - level TakeProfit position has a volume of 5 lots.
Ie SP trader can open both market and limit orders (BuyLimit, SellLimit).

Pending orders in the Dom

Once again Fig.1. The right column of the “Trade”) has 2 buttons, which a trader can place a pending order. The position will be offered at the price, in the row of the button (arrow).

If we press the blue button (region Bid), we obtain the order BuyLimit on the chosen price, if it is in the region of the Ask - the order BuyStop.
If we press the red button (oblast Ask), we obtain the order SellLimit on the chosen price, if it is in the field of Bid - order SellStop.

Also at the bottom of the SP, we see settings, setting orders:
* sl is the level of stop-loss (for limit orders). Point to in paragraphs.
* vol - volume orders (created limit and market), is measured in lots.
* tp is a level TakeProfit (for limit orders). Point to in paragraphs.
Even below, we can observe a team of market positions:
* Sell - open a short position in the amount specified in the column “vol”, at the best available now price.
* Close - button is active if there are open transactions on the trading instrument. Close allows you to close the position at the best available now price in full volume.
* Buy - open long position in the amount specified in the column “vol”, at the best available now price.

Also in the Dom present context menu that is adaptive, i.e. the set of commands will vary depending on what part of the SP trader clicked the right mouse button.
In the context menu the following commands are available:
* compact mode - in the SC will be displayed only existing the proposal.
* advanced mode - in SP will be displayed every step of the price, regardless of the presence of proposals on it.
* units instead of lots - volume will not appear in lots, and in units.

Above we briefly describe the features of the new terminal MT5, which is soon to become more popular among Forex brokers. Knowledge of volumes of foreign currency traders make trading more diverse and, most importantly, profitable. We are waiting for updates.

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