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Advisors and programming MQL4

You're wondering how to learn programming MQL4? This opens up broad prospects for any Forex trader. After all, you can create a trading advisor almost any complexity. Counsellors may be displaying almost any trading strategy, and therefore, there is diversification. The very notion of automatic trading involves many benefits - more free time, reducing emotional stress, optimize trade and risk diversification.

So today we will have a conversation about programming MQL4. We also recommend to familiarize with the video "How to create Advisor MQL4?"

Programming language MQL4 - what and how?

Did you know that in the MT4 trading terminal has its own programming language - the so-called MetaQuotes Language (abbreviated MQL). The most popular version 4, although some also practice writing advisers on MQL5 - for MT5.

This language allows to write your own indicators, scripts or trading advisor (expert), and coming up with various analytical functions to analyze the market situation.

Indicator - a program that graphically displays the graph defined calculations. On the same graph can simultaneously be any number of indicators.

Script - a small program that performs a one-time action. For example, when you press a certain key to open order to set a fixed stop loss and take profit.

Trading advisor - a program that performs a variety of actions: displays any information on dates, opens, closes the deal, sets, cancels changes and stops and more. In fact, the adviser is a software display a specific trading system (strategy). Sometimes advisers called a mechanical trading system (MTS). The main feature of the MTS - full autonomy.
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Programming language MQL4 - we start!

MQL4 language syntax is very similar to the famous C (one of which went to C + and C + +). So if you know how to program in C, learn MQL4 without problems. The only difference is that the latter is a simplified version of C and "locked up" for writing indicators and MTS.

Complete beginners will first be unusual, but start with just the basics, and then gradually move on to the advanced functions - and succeed! Useful to you as a book-Language Guide
and specialized forums where there are answers to frequently asked questions, as well as many ready advisors Forex - as indicators and scripts.

Benefits of Programming MQL4

* Implementation own ideas for profitable trading.
* A new direction for self-development.
* Ability to write paid advisers to order.
* Better understanding of trading.
* New ideas for trade.
* Diversification of risks.
* Automation of trade.
* Ability to conduct any statistical analysis.

Lazy or busy traders can always seek help from a professional programmer who conditionally for a small fee ($50 and up) will write you trading advisor "turnkey". Still advise to learn at least the basics of programming language MQL4 - it will help you more accurately explain the programmer what trading algorithm you want to get to the exit.

Useful links:
Reference MQL4 -
Reference MQL5 -, (format pdf)
Walkthrough (on MQL5) -

We wish you a profitable automated trading and remember that the gains from trade is highly dependent on the chosen broker!


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