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Bitcoin trading machine learning

Bitcoin trading machine learning

Iíve never seen someone use machine learning in Bitcoin trading outside of a few academic papers that seem to be a little clueless.

The reason for that is that itís easy enough to make money from Bitcoin trading without machine learning, and to set up a machine learning system turns out to be quite expensive.

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I have not seen any breakout success stories, but here are a few relevant resources (below). One common trend Iím seeing, espeically with Bitcoin, is the fact that trading fees are prohibitively high for high-frequency trading. I havenít seen ML applied on a longer term scale in an attempt to alleviate that, but I would imagine accuracy decreases pretty rapidly as the attempted prediction point extends out into the future.

  • Cryptotrader (you write CoffeeScript to build trading algorithms for bots, unsure if ML has been applied, but presumably you could tie in external ML results)

Roughly the same as machine learning in other types of trading, but less since ml engineers willing to work for financial institutions cost a lot and there's not enough money in bitcoin.

On the other hand, I bet a lot of ml engineers do it for fun.

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