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Best forex fund

Best forex fund

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It is your own style of analyzing performance of a forex fund manager. You can look at his/her trading performance statements and can decide.

Please go to to see trading result in my own personal investor account. To view details of fees, please go to

To understand mechanism, enlarge this image:

Hmmm… if someone points you towards any of the manager then trust me that person is either scam or trying to loot you. Because it’s not possible to know who is the best manager and who’s the worst.

But I will share my experience about a small investment that I had made with one of the forex managers.

I had invested $300 with one of the forex manger called Forex manager9. He was able to grow it to $501 within 3 or so months but due to some reason I had to withdraw money in the midst of opened trades which resulted into some $15 less profit but I still got around $486 at the end of 3rd month.

I understand that $186 is not a huge return but when considered in terms of % then it is more than 60%, i.e 20% average return per month. Not sure if below link still works.

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