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Sharekhan forex trading in india

Sharekhan forex trading in india

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My vote goes to Zerodha Pi and following is a comparison and my basis for considering Zerodha Pi as the best trading platform in India. There are certain pluses TT has over Pi, but overall after using both for the last few days, I think Pi is better.

There are currently only these two contenders for the top spot. Power Indiabulls was a close contender to be part of the top 3, but considering how disinterested the promoters are towards stock broking have left them out.

Memory usage : Pi uses 1/3rd of what TT does.

CPU usage: Pi is generally lesser than TT

Bandwidth/Network Usage: usage of Pi is lesser than TT

Multiple Marketwatch: Trade tiger has an option to add multiple, on Pi the workaround is to use workspaces.

Adding scrips: Easier to add scrips on Pi vs TT

Intraday data: TT has it only for the last 30 days. On Pi you can pull upto 365 days and more (maximum of 20,000 candles).

Historical data: TT has 10 years whereas Pi has for 5 years.

Time frame settings: TT scores over Pi, you can switch from one time frame to other quite easily. New charts have to be opened in Pi.

Indicators: Pi has 80+, whereas TT has 16+. Pi has more indicators but currently missing crosshair function.

Number of charts at one time:

TT: Maximum 5 charts

Pi: Maximum 13 charts

TT has it whereas Pi doesn’t as of now.

Straight forward in TT, a little complex on Pi, you have to use expert advisor or scripted alerts. The huge advantage with Pi though is that the scripted alert/expert advisor can be used not just for price, but for any technical analysis based strategies. You can have multiple expert advisors searching and scouting for trading opportunities. You can also create consensus report using multiple EA’s.

Research calls and reports

Sharekhan has an active advisory desk, which gives out research reports which are accessible on TT.

Since Zerodha doesn't do any research, you can’t see any fundamental data on Pi.

There are many trading platforms in India, but the best among those platforms are ranked as below:

  1. FYERS ONE - (Simple, reliable and accurate. Provided by FYERS)
  2. Trade Tiger - (Robust and reliable. Provided by Sharekhan)
  3. Zerodha Pi - (Featured Platform, provided by Zerodha)
  4. Keat Pro x - ( Good one, provided by Kotak Securities)

My survey on best is determined by following factors,

My survey suggest that reliability is more on Fyers One and Trade Tiger, these both platforms will have continuous connectivity during market hours with Zero hung up issues. Other platforms are depended on either NEST or ODIN for their back end operations. NEST and ODIN are vendors for most of the stock brokers in India, so it is a shared product.

2. Charting tools

Fyers One charts can be accessed anytime during market hours and off market hours. But Trade tiger charts cannot be accessed few hours during off market, so you cannot analyse markets on those hours. Other platforms its really questionable.

Most of these platforms provide additional order types like Bracket order, cover order and trailing stop loss etc. But the issue is reliability, in few trading platforms bracket order ask for extra margin on second leg, in case of FYERS ONE additional margin on second leg is not required.

Bracket order in few platforms, execute in multiple trades, which might cause to pay higher brokerage. In FYERS ONE the bracket order execute in very simple mechanism compared to other platforms.

4. Resource Management:

1. Size of installation file 2. Login time: (On I3 processor and 4 gb ram)

Fyers One: 15 seconds Fyers One : 4.2 mb

Zerdha Pi: 20 seconds Zerodha pi: 15.5 mb

Trade Tiger: 30 seconds Trade tiger: 28.7 mb.

Our survey revealed Fyers one has most sophisticated and accurate tools than any other platforms in the market. To be frank, the tools on Fyers One are accessible when you require, where as other platforms you can find the features but you cannot access because, either they hung or stop performing.

2. Charting tools

This is the brilliant stuff, you can track 1, 2 3, and 4 stock charts on single window

and screen in which stock your strategy is true (Buy and Sell Signals).

4. Day End Reports:

This is the most required screener, which most platforms doesn't provide . Fyers One is the best among these reports check out this.

This is one of the beauty of the Fyers One, sector wise, industry wise and company wise segregation of performance of companies in intraday.

Fyers one is developed after aggressive research and survey on traders requirement. One can find most suitable features and requirements for trading on stocks in FYERS ONE.

These are few among many features in FYERS ONE. If you are a trader you should definitely check out this platform. Many other tools like F&O analysis, fundamental analysis were embedded in this platform. FYERS mobile and web is outstanding, one should experience because there is no platform mere to compare.

There are numerous stock brokers in India but only few of them have good Trading Platforms.

Share Khan (Trade Tiger)

Kotak Securities (Keat Pro X)

Motilal Oswal (Orion Lite).

The Best among all is Zerodha (PI/Kite),India’s Largest Discount Broker. Provides Sleek, modern, and intuitive Trading tools.

PI : PI is an Advanced Desktop Trading Platform. Charting, Scripting and analysis, all rolled into a Windows desktop trading platform.

  • Advanced charting:1 0 chart types with over 100+ indicators. without any cost for data is one of the big pluses of Pi.
  • Algos, Strategies and Back Testing: Code advanced with a simple yet powerful scripting language.Use the free Historical data to back-test our strategies and even semi-automate them.
  • Historical Data: 50,000 candles worth of FREE historical Data for Stocks, Indices, F&O,Currency and Commodity.
  • Expert Advisors: Real Time trade signals from Automated Expert Advisors by using our own Strategies or Strategies from Others.
  • Trading from the Charts : We can place orders from Charts, for the first time in India.
  • PI Bridge: Pi Bridge to give seamless and reliable connectivity from the charting or programming tool to the trading engine on Pi. The plan is, whatever be your front end, will help to fire orders using the bridge.

KITE WEB/MOBILE APP : Kite is a minimalistic, intuitive, responsive, light, yet powerful web and mobile trading application offered by Zerodha. Bandwidth consumption of less than 0.5 Kbps for a full market-watch, extensive charting with over 100 indicators and 6 chart types, advanced order types like Brackets and cover, millisecond order placements.

Kite Mobile Application experience seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

KITE CONNECT API : Kite Connect is one of the most Existed Tool among all the other Tools because of its potential to be the catalyst for change in the way India trades. Using Kite Connect, we can, with any programming language of our choice (from excel VBAs to Python, Java, C# or even command line console), place and manage orders, build – multi asset risk modelling systems, stock screeners, quant based strategies, equity stock selection models, option greeks calculators, backtesting, machine learning, and more. We could even build our own personal Kite or Pi.

For the first time in Indian broking history, truly own and control our trading account and data. We have the power to build our own trading/investing experience, any way or any how we like it, without being confined to a frontend offered by broker. The opportunities are limitless.

Strong business fundamentals

  • Zero debt, among most profitable Indian brokerage businesses.
  • Covered widely by media. Check press page .
  • Winner of awards and recognition's from BSE, D&B, Economic times, & more.

Zerodha , India’s Best Discount Broker, offering Equity Investments for Free and Rs.20 or 0.01% whichever is lower per executed order for all other Products (Futures,Options,Commodities and Currencies). Check their Brokerage Calculator

Well, until very recently, there were only a few trading platforms which were available in the market.

  1. ODIN provided by Financial Technologies
  2. Nest Trader provided by Omnesys Technologies
  3. NSE NOW provided by National Stock Exchange (Similarly there BOLT is provided by Bombay Stock Exchange)

These are provided by almost all the brokers. These are incomplete trading platforms as they severely lack the technical and analysis tools which are required for a trader.

Due to this, traders relied on AmiBroker, Ninja Trader, Meta Trader, Meta Stock, etc, in order to bridge the gap.

It is only recently, with the advent of online brokers, that there have emerged new trading platforms.

  1. FYERS One provided by FYERS
  2. Pi provided by Zerodha
  3. Trade Tiger provided by Sharekhan (This was the earliest entrant in the lot)

Being a part of FYERS, I can say that Fyers One is the most advanced trading platform currently available in the market.

  1. Advanced Charts
  2. Fundamental Screeners
  3. Technical Screeners
  4. Multiple workspaces for different trading requirements
  5. Gross Delivery Data Filters
  6. Time and Sales Filters and alerts
  7. News and Announcements Trackers
  8. Market Dynamics, Symbol/Index Meters and Sector Maps which will help you scan through the entire market in a fraction of seconds
  9. Candle Stick Pattern based screeners
  10. Buy and Sell signals

At the end of the day, each platform has its own pros and cons but you have to choose one based on your own trading requirements and needs.

Hope this helps!

zerodha (Internet & Mobile Trading)

zerodha is the online brokerage service of providing clients with an entirely different experience in the world of trading.

  • With zerodha , clients can access real time rates and trade at nse from anywhere. zerodha offers a fully integrated platform along with access to a range of analytical tools, news updates and stock alerts service as well as the option of broker assisted trading.

  • We offer personalized service, timely execution of trades, economical commission structure and an outstanding customer support desk. Customers have the freedom to trade in Shares (Ready and Futures) through Desktop, Mobile and Web-based trading platforms.
  • zerodha mobile application gives clients all the flexibility and availability they need to be in permanent contact with the market.
  • While on the go, it enables clients to react and place transactions immediately without any delay and uncertainty, using features such as: Instant connectivity, Multi Viewing, Order Placement, Quotation Request, Enhanced Security.

Commodity brokerage service provided by zerodha commodity offers trading opportunities to customers at multi commodity Exchange (mcx) – online commodity exchange of india . The Company is registered with mcx to offer top notch trading facilities to aspiring commodity investors for trading in futures.

Commodity clients trading via zerodha commodity can enjoy extensive branch network, personalized services, daily research and technical reports, regular market updates, and account monitoring assistance.

The commodities in which trading is currently taking place include Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Cotton, Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Palm , Red Chilli.

  • Equity & Mutual fund Investment - Zero Brokerage
  • F&O and Commodity Trading - flat Rs 20 per order.

Best Trading Platform in India

Well A broker who can fulfill a traders needs of both Futures & Options may be considered to have the best tools

Most best brokers In India fulfill a traders needs from the futures point of view by providing charts and various analysis tools

None fulfill a Traders perspective from a Options Point of view by providing Options Strategies.

I am a Active Investor & Trader in Indian Stock Market. I conducts my trade through Tradejini a Discount Broker. My Experience when them has been a pleasant and profitable one.

Trading Platform for Options with Strategies:

India’s first and most advanced trading platform for OPTIONS:

Trading Platform for Futures N Options without strategies:

Cloud based smart trading technology and contemporary platform with a user friendly UI available in desktop, web and Mobile platform at 24/7 to place Orders in a split second.

  • Various features:
    • Multi Exchange Market view
    • Price Alerts
    • What If Analysis
    • Options Calculator
    • Order Window
    • Order Book
    • Spread Order
    • Cover Order & Bracket Order: Both the Orders provide up-to 8X of exchange specified margin which is a lot of leverage to take advantage off.
    • Basket Order
    • Link To Excel etc & etc

Screen Shots of Nest Trader (Desktop based)

  • Snap Quote
  • Advanced Charting
  • Numerous indicators to enhance your charting experience

I hope the above screen shots highlights the distinct features and advantages of NEST trading terminal.

I run an online-stockbroking firm in Bangalore. We focus on providing the best trading technology and facilities to clients. I would suggest our own broking firm Fyers | Your Next-Generation Online Stockbroker

We do a lot of work to help make your experience superior than most others.I run an online stockbroking firm that is fully focused on providing superior trading technology that is unheard of in India to the retail trading community. We are among the cheapest stockbrokers in India and our fees are absolutely rock-bottom in comparison to full service brokers and banks that have brokerage outfits.

Brokerage rates are:

  • Equity: 0.1% or maximum Rs 100 per order
  • Futures: 0.01% or maximum Rs 100 per order
  • Options: Rs 10 per lot or maximum Rs 100 per order

The charting platform has way too many advanced features to list down here. But i'll try to write down a few while keeping it concise:

  1. You can load up-to 10 work spaces or watch lists with different layouts.
  2. Professional charts with over 65 indicators, and multiple pre set or customized time-frames.
  3. 13 different chart types including (Renko, Heiken Ashi, Point figure, Kagi, candlesticks etc.)
  4. Add support & resistance levels by just one click of a button.
  5. You can watch SPOT CHARTS for ALL INDICES.
  6. Speed Search: Change stocks & indicators of the same time frames!
  7. You can choose to switch charts categorized by sectors too.
  8. Options Chain is available to analyze open interest data.
  9. Track Advance/Declines like pro.
  10. Sector Heat-maps are next level

In addition to the trading platform, we have a host tools that are completely new on the web and something you might find really useful in your trading:

Checkout snippets of our platform, Fyers One, it's FREE!:

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