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Best known forex traders

Best known forex traders

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Forex Megadroid Robot has inbuilt software known as Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis or RCTPA. This concept is introduced for the first time in any robot which is based on the principle of Artificial Intelligence. It has an ability of forecasting market trends changes that can happen in the next 2-4 hours. This new concept has proved its accuracy and the test results are found to be 95.82% correct.

Another prominent feature is "market adapting intelligence". It can adapt the changing trends of the market and can make itself updated. Most of the robots are developed for only the current issues pertaining in the market but as these issues comes to an end and new issues originate, the robot becomes outdated. For that reason Forex Megadroid is considered to be consistent profit making software. Others give profit until they do not get obsolete.

Forex Megadroid Robot can adapt changing situations but if any unforeseen situation occurs then it would not be possible for this robot to handle it. Hence it is recommended not to rely completely on the robots but you should have sound knowledge of trading as well. But such situations happen very rarely so one can afford a minute amount of loss out of large and consistent profits.

I don't know all the robots but I know this one is strong :

The highlights of the Forex Robot:

1. Passive income with a one-time funding and set up while giving you 100% full transparency and complete control of the funds in your own account, you can withdraw any amount at any time.

2. Company has 20 Year Trading and Development experience together (the team has been together developing software and trading for 20 years)

3. Company has spent 7 years developing this specific algorithm and 3.5 years trading in EUR 100K+ accounts, 2 years developing it for accounts as low as 1000 EUR. No bad month for anybody since trading with this algorithm ( 3.5 years )

4. Returns not crazy (2-6%per month, sometimes more) but very respectable with greatly reduced risk. All you do is set it up one time and then. you monitor. Don't need to know anything about trading.

5. Your out of pocket cost would be only 600 EUR one time software license purchase and an optional 15ą per month for a virtual server to run the software 24/7 on the cloud (so you can turn off your computer without the robot being paused) and only a minimum of 1000 EUR to open the account.

6. (100% optional) Insane comp plan - you pay no monthlies but you get monthly commissions, if you decided to refer others. They payout 75% of the 600 EUR one time purchase in commissions.

Here is a Youtube Playlist that cover most of the business aspect in depth:

Well, itís like asking - what is the best multi-level marketing company today?

The forex trading robots are a total disaster! Stay away from them!

A forex robot is meant to analyze the past data (patterns, indicators, support/resistance levels, etc) and come with predictions of the future price and execute automatically. There are complex algorithms used by investment banks and financial institutions, but they are not sold online for $100 and they donít appear bothering people with email newsletters.

So, there is no best trading robot - stop that!

Why doníy you trade by yourself? Donít you want to understand the market intricacies and feel the trading process on your skin? How can you give your hard earned money to a robot? And itís not even a robot - itís a piece of fake scam.

I hope this helps!

I ll try to cut a long story short, coz a lot was already said below.

The best trading robot is the one that you made by yourself.

Of course, there are companies and programmers that sell ready systems, but the only thing they do is wright a certain number of rules and make them give positive result on a backtest.

But as you know, good results on a backtest is never a guarantee of good results in future!

Thats why most part of experts and traders who are at least a year in the market will vote against buying any kind of robots and ready trading signals.

Tony Rendely, Senior Market Analyst in HYCM ( HYCM - Forex Trading )

I have explained clearly about the Forex Trading Robots.If this is also not clear means then you can check this link : What is the best forex trading robot available today?

Before talking about Forex robots, it is necessary to mention that the word Forex is being better known in Internet businesses , creating alternatives to obtain profits for its investors. Forex means "Foreign Exchange" translated into Spanish as currency exchange , since the system consists of doing business of buying and selling currencies taking into account the value of them.

For example, the good investor is in expectation that the currency to buy is strengthened, and sells the currency that has little value ; so you will get the desired gains. Now, what tools are there to be successful in the Forex ? The robots or automated systems fall into this scenario . It is important to have a basic knowledge guide of Forex , especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur , because this will lead you to be a successful investor in the field of binary operations . So before going to the main point, you want to clear some basic concepts.

The best forex trading robot available is your own individual trading methodology. Because the size of equity and the setting up of goals is something unique to every trader.

Moreover, a robot trading tool can not guarantee you profits. It can only put in discipline to your trading system. Ultimately it is you who has to trade.

So, the best robot for you is the one you design it yourself. The one that sets profit targets as per your average loss from the deals.

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