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Bitcoin (BTC) to US Dollar (USD)

One Bitcoin (1 BTC) is equal 15.634,81 USD . * Convert Bitcoin to US Dollar or US Dollar to Bitcoin with the

Bitcoin (BTC) Price & Chart in US Dollar (USD)

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The best Bitcoin-Wallets reviewed

We reviewed and compared the best Bitcoin Wallets

A Bitcoin Wallet is required to send, receive and secure Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Wallet is used to back up the private key, which can be used to access your own Bitcoins. The range of Bitcoin Wallets and the advanced features of the wallets are huge. We reviewed and compared the best Bitcoin-Wallets.

Best place for buying Bitcoins: how can you safely buy Bitcoins (BTC)?

Buying or trading Bitcoins (BTC) safely with USD and Euro, instantly with debit or credit card, Paypal, GiftCard or bank account.

A few years ago, most people mined their own Bitcoins, but today it is much easier and safer to buy Bitcoins on an exchange platform or with a broker. For this, there are countless providers to buy Bitcoins instantly or to trade via market places or exchanges. We have tested some rokers and exchanges and rated them for you.

Bitcoin Questions & Comments

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What is Bitcoin and how does the digital currency work?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (crypto currency) which is mined (created and stored electronically). Bitcoins are not printed physically and not created by central banks either – it is a decentralized currency, which is produced by people.

Bitcoin is decentralized and there is no no state control. Satoshi Nakamoto, a software developer, presented the crypto-currency in 2008.

Today it is still unknown, who is behind the pseudonym. Bitcoin is based on mathematics. Moreover there is no institutional structure, that lies behind Bitcoin and is responsible for impairment.

More than 80% of Bitcoin have already been mined: the maximum will be reached with 21 million.

One additional inflation protection is the basic code. The code itself is stated that there cannot exist more than 21 million Bitcoin. With 20.999.999,9769 there will not be produced any Bitcoins any more. This is the reason why Bitcoin is protected against inflation and why you cannot produce an unlimited amount of Bitcoin.

What is so particular about Bitcoin?

But why are so many people interested in Bitcoin? Some countries, for example Australia and Japan, have acknowledged Bitcoin as official mode of payment. It is the different characteristics and advantages, of course, which make Bitcoin something special. Moreover it is the development of price – at the beginning of the year 2017 a Bitcoin was 900$, today the price is close to 8000$.

Decentralized and independent

Bitcoin network is decentralized – this means, that Bitcoin is not controlled through a central bank, government or any institution. Every single computer producing and transferring Bitcoin is automatically part of the network. Bitcoin is therefore an independent currency.

No bureaucratic hurdles

When you open an account at a bank, you have to overcome some bureaucratic hurdles. The Bitcoin account (known as wallet) can easily be registered – you neither need any proofs and certificates, nor other prerequisites. The only hurdle is: you need internet access.

Additionally sender and receiver stay anonymous. Transactions do not show any names, addresses or other information.


Although sender and receiver remain anonymous, the network is transparent. Every single transaction is stored in the so called blockcain.

Bitcoins can be send worldwide – the transactions only takes a few minutes. Transfer is made according to “peer-to-peer” concept – there is no agent or intermediary.

convert Bitcoin to Satoshi

convert BTC to EUR

convert mBTC to EUR

1 mBTC is a thousandth Bitcoin and correspond 0.001 Bitcoin.

convert Bitcoin bits to EUR

1 Bitcoin bit is a thousandth mBTC and correspond 0.001 mBTC. 1 bit is a millionth Bitcoin and therefore 0.000001 Bitcoin.

convert Satoshi to EUR

1 Satoshi is a thousandth Bitcoin bit and correspond 0.001 bits. 1 Satoshi is 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price and historical chart: What is Bitcoin currently worth?

Before buying, the Bitcoin price should be compared. Every crypto currency exchange and broker has its own BTC price, so it`s definitely worth to compare the different prices before purchasing Bitcoin. Thus, not only the change fee should be looked at, but also check the current Bitcoin price of the respective crypto currency exchange. We calculate the current BTC price by looking at the prices of several major exchanges: * BTC is currently worth 15.634,81 USD.

Attention: Every crypto currency exchange has its own Bitcoin price. It`s always worth comparing the prices of different exchanges before buying Bitcoin! Particularly in the case of large market fluctuations, the respective price can vary greatly between different stock exchanges.

BTC calculator 2017: Convert Bitcoin to US Dollar

The BTC / USD calculator can convert Bitcoin into US Dollar. We calculate the current BTC price by looking at the prices of several major exchanges: *

* Some crypto currencies are only traded on a few exchanges so far. Here it may be that the current price is only retrieved from a single stock exchange. Currently we have connected the following stock exchanges for the market price calculation:,,,,

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